Portrait Photographer London

London Portrait Photographer

As a photo needs to reflect the personality of the subject and the message being communicated, photographing someone is always a unique experience. 

What drew me to portrait photography was the fascination with capturing human emotions against backdrops that reveal aspects of a person’s identity, their views, or what they do. 

To give a photograph that stand-out feeling, my preference is colour (which gives the visual a striking element with a kick of personality) coupled with the beauty of geometrical shapes, which can be found in both urban developments and in city parks.

Portrait Photographer

Based in London, I meet my clients at a location selected from several around the city that I have thoroughly researched to fit the message of the portrait—to mirror the personality of the person and the emotion that the photo should portray.

To sprinkle a bit more depth into the portrait, I use a portable lighting kit to enhance the subject or the backdrop depending on what looks more visually pleasing.

With the exception of press assignments, I professionally retouch all of my photos. When capturing real people in real locations, only skin blemishes and stray hairs are removed to maintain the true likeness of the subject originally captured.


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