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John Mckown

John Mckown

John Mckown – Ibiza Calm

Assignment for Helsingin Sanomat featuring John Mckown, Managing Director of Ibiza Calm, whose clients are extremely successful, famous and world-leading in their fields. In the article, he discusses Tim Bergling (Avicii) who was one of his therapy clients before he committed suicide in 2018. 

I photographed John in his office on Harley Street where he meets his successful clients. Some portraits were shot from the sofa where his clients sit during a therapy session, giving a feel for what the room looks like. Additional photos were taken in a nearby park to give the perspective of John as someone approachable whom you could run into on the streets and have a chat. 

John Mckown Managing Director of Ibiza Calm
John Mckown Managing Director at Ibiza Calm


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